try before you buy. Muscle Bully Samples.

Sample Muscle Bully Products.Are you interested in sampling our Muscle Bully Supplements for your dog? Want to give it a try before you fully commit? 

No problem, we understand. We created the Muscle Bully 7-Day Trial Pack just for you to test out with your dog to first see if they enjoy them.

What is our 1 week sample trial pack? A 7 day trial supply of any of our product line for you to try out with your dog. To get your 1 week sample trial pack mailed out to you today choose a product below. Our 1-week sample trial pack is just a 1 time fee of $7.99 to cover shipping and handling.

Yes! I'm Interested. What do I do? Choose a product below. Make your purchase after selecting the product. We will ship out the sampling of your choice to try out for 7 days with your dog.