Muscle Bully's core mission is about delivering integrity, education and superior customer service for bully owners around the world that want an overall healthy and happy dog.


We are here to help combat against other misleading bully supplement companies that lie to their customers with false, misguide information about nutrition and exercise. Companies that lie to your face just to make a buck. Companies that give false claims about their products such as "no exercise required" muscle supplements (yes they really claim muscle can be built with a magic pill and most importantly without  exercise) and false on-label and off-label claims (referring to their advertisements not matching to what their actual product label says or does). Muscle Bully believes and understands that good health, muscle and size on your bully rely on genetics, nutrition and proper exercise. We believe in these 3 core factors FIRST before any supplement. We believe in nourishing that DNA to maximize and reach your bully's full potential. We believe in educating our followers first with proven factual information to help you become a better dog owner in understanding good health, nutrition and exercise for your dog.


Muscle Bully is about educating, teaching and showing bull breed owners about proper nutrition and exercise. Each and every bully is different. We understand that. We want bully owners that need help in anyway to come to us for truthful, unbiased information even if you don't need our products we'll let you know by your nutritional goals. And their are times our products are not needed. We just want bull breed owners given truthful, factual advice. 

Customer Service

Muscle Bully strives to help each and everyone of our customers and their bully reach their full potential with proper nutrition and health education. We offer free nutritional advice for everyone needing help even if don't use our products. You can contact us anytime by phone, email or chat with any questions you have about your bully's needs and we'll help guide you to the right places.