About Muscle Bully Supplements

Our mission here at Muscle Bully is quite simple, and that is to provide Bully Breed Dog owners the most innovative line of health products that deliver the results you are seeking. Muscle Bully Supplements offer informative advice for bully owners who want to achieve more muscle and add more healthy weight to their dog. We believe in educating our readers with proper information and facts to help you better understand your dog.  Muscle Bully is a company built on being transparent, honest, educating our customers all while offering high quality, healthy bully supplements with superior customer service.

Premium Quality Bully Ingredients

When it comes to our ingredients we take no short cuts. Each formula is developed by renowned Expert Biochemists with over 40 years of experience in the field of Animal Nutrition and our formulas are backed by extensive research.

The raw materials are evaluated for potency and purity prior to approval, and each product offers ingredient combinations just as nature intended to ensure optimal support.

Superior Manufacturing & Development

Muscle Bully products are manufactured here in the U.S.A. using the following guidelines to ensure safety and integrity is carried out not only on our labels, but off our labels as well.

The same claims that we make off our labels will be the same claims you will see on our labels. How? Because the ingredients found in our products have been tested and proven to support those claims.

If a product's ingredients have not been proven to support those claims, and the manufacturing facility follows the strict guidelines below, then you will not see those claims on the label.

  • FDA (Human-Grade) Register Facility
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are followed at all times
  • NASC Manufacturing Facility Member
  • AAFCO Labeling Guidelines
  • Veterinarian Evaluated & Approved

Muscle Bully prides ourselves in working with licensed veterinarians as they help us design, evaluate and give us feedback on each product before they are available for your purchase.

Backed By Science & Research

In addition to veterinarian feedback each product has been developed based on the latest scientific research and studies to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the formula.

Our guaranteed assays are performed using the most advanced computer-assisted instrumentation in research by our stringent quality control department to make sure we meet the highest standards of excellence in this industry.