The Top 3 High Calorie Dog Food You Should Consider.

GNC Ultra Mega Dog Formula is a well-balanced dietary formula that not only helps in boosting calorie uptake for your dog, but also supports healthy skin and pelt. The manufacturers have a rich history of providing healthy food products dating back 75 years, they also ensure that all canine products available for sale are fresh right from purchase.

This tasty gel can be spread on top of any treats that you give your dog daily, it also packs extra vitamins and nutrients to boost the animal’s immune system. Providing additional energy and calories for performing various tasks and exercises that the canine may undertake.

Some of the essential minerals found in this product include sodium at 0.3%, magnesium 0.2%, chloride 1.3%, copper 0.1mg, zinc 1.5mg, manganese 0.25mg and iron 3mg. The overall calorie content of GNC Ultra Mega is 4,060 kcal/kg, which also translates to approximately 5.07kcal per 1/4 tablespoon. As for feeding method, give the dog 1/4 teaspoon of the gel for every 20lbs of its body weight daily.

Though adding it to a meal is more suitable, you can still feed the canine directly from the tube. This product is only intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding and should be stored at standard room temperature for the best performance.

Nutri Source Super Performance Nutri Source is a scientifically designed dog food that provides sufficient calorie quotient for hard working, expectant and recovering dogs. Including those that need to gain weight fast for whichever reason. The product provides super premium nutrition and is also relatively easy to digest.

One user openly admits that 'dogs LOVE it-they are full of energy and look great’. NutriSource combines a blend of chicken, rice and individually selected ingredients to provide the highest levels of energy that your dog needs. It’s perfect for maintaining muscle-mass and strength in hardworking dogs. Another user who owns a Malinois says that 'this food has been extremely easy on the dog’s stomach, I haven’t’ noticed ANY coat changes whatsoever.’

The high-quality fats and carbohydrates offer necessary fuel needed to perform demanding chores, whereas chicken gives the enticing flavor which encourages your dog to take the formula even when eating under stress or low appetite.

All nutrients have been simplified for better digestion and go to work immediately within the body, resulting in far less wastage. Apart from chicken and brown rice, other ingredients found in this product include barley, oatmeal, fish meal, flax seeds, dried-up beet pulp, natural turkey and dried egg product amongst others. Also available are Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids with DHA as well as Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Dyne High Calorie Liquid Dietary Supplement Dyne is a nutritious high-calorie supplement that’s suitable for canines recovering from illness, lactating females and working dogs. This vanilla-flavored liquid formula contains approximately 150 calories an ounce which can be served in a palatable, easy-to-consume pudding that dogs will lap on quickly.

It can also be administered orally using a syringe or dropper. Dyne will be useful for underweight puppies which are not able to consume solid food, it can further be taken to increase stamina and peak performance for racing/working dogs. As one dog owner puts it, 'Dyne is a thick yellow-cake-batter-like substance which fattens canines so that if they don’t eat right every day’, at least they won’t look as if they are starving.’

For intake purposes, puppies should have 1 teaspoon per 5lbs of their bodyweight daily, whereas adults will do best with 2 tablespoons per 20-30 pounds body weight 3 times in a day.

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