The Difference Between an American Bully and Pit Bull.

A majority of people always tend to confuse the difference between American Pit Bull breed with American Bully Breed. In the United States, American Bully popularity has increased in the recent times.

Most people assume the two to be a single breed while the difference is clear in that an average person would tell it if only he had some information about them.

So, what is the difference between the two breeds?

The History

American Pit Bull It was breed originally in the 1800's to be a competitive kind of dog. It was used for dog fighting during those times when dog fighting was legal.

This describes its aggressive nature, but it is balanced with a tolerant nature that prevents it from biting the people handling it. It is more of a gladiator kind of dog and wouldn’t harm human. With dog fighting now illegal, it is now taken as a pet.

American Bully This dog was breed in the early 1990's with a sole purpose of creating an ideal canine companion to people.

Through years of selective breeding has ensured that American Bully is a loyal and very friendly to its owner's in spite of it tough and rough looks that may make people think otherwise of it.

The Body

American Pit Bull It has a wide and deep chest, but the chest width does not exceed the depth. Its fore chest does not go beyond the point of its shoulders.

Its ribs extend well back into a form that is more flattering from the spine, giving it a deep body that goes up to it elbows. Its body is slightly inclined to the back, and it is very muscular and broad. American Bully Possess a deep chest with well-sprung ribs yet not exaggerated.

Fore chest extension does not go beyond the shoulder point. Its back is firm, strong and wide. It's croup slants slightly downwards to the tail base and short yet wide loins.

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The Behavior

American Pit Bull It makes a great family companion. However, most dogs of this breed have a certain level of canine aggressiveness couple with a powerful physique. Its owner must carefully train it to socialize and obedience as well.

In most cases, it is friendly to strangers who make it not the best option for a guard dog. Its intelligence level is high and great agility. American Bully Very gentle and friendly behavior with great tolerance and affection to children as well as strangers.

It is a very lively dog making it a very good option as an ideal family companion dog.

The Head

American Pit Bull When viewed from a front point, it head assumes a broad yet blunt edge shape. When viewed from the side, its muzzle and the skull appears to be in parallel with each other.

It's well proportionate, broad and large body gives an impression of having great power. Cheeks wrinkle-free yet prominent.

When the dog is concentrating, some wrinkles forms on its forehead. American Bully Its head is large and broad in that it has no disproportionate size compared to the overall size of its body (Limbs and Body).

It has a well opened large nostrils with pigments of any color that sometimes is proportionate to the body. The muzzle is somehow shorter than the skull making it look broad and blocky.

The Size

American Pit Bull It is a dog with medium size body and weighs about 30 to 70 pounds. Its shoulders stand out to about 18 to 22 inches. American Bully It is almost of equivalent size, but it weighs more like 50 to 120 pounds.



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