Build My Bully #22216

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Jean writes to us: 

Hello, I have a 5 month old purebred Amstaff and we've been taking vitabully for over a month now. We got her from the pound and she was the runt of the litter and is very small compared to her littermates (about 50% smaller), so I was looking for supplements that could help her get the nutrients she needs grow to her full potential, whatever that may be.

She does well on the Vitabully, but I noticed you now have Puppy Platinum as well. I was wondering if it would be good to give her both Vitabully and Puppy Platinum and if that was safe? Or should I continue with Vitabully or switch to Puppy Platinum?

My overall goal is just to provide what's healthiest for her and what can help her grow at 5 months of age. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you! Jean Age of Dog: 5 Months Sex of Dog?: Female What you're currently feeding?: Orijen puppy food Stella & Chewy's Raw Chicken mixer Vita Bully Any health problems?: Nope What type of exercise does your dog do? (if any): Flirt Pole Jogging Jumping Hill Running

Our Reply:

My name is Rita and I am one of the coaches here at Muscle Bully! You have a great foundation going for your puppy! You can definitely add the Puppy Platinum to your puppy's diet and continue the Vitabully. Also look at the Muscle Bully Gains and the Muscle Bully Muscle Building Supplement. I think those would make great additions to your current nutrition plan! Muscle Bully Gains - Given every day, this will give your dog healthy fats to support gain of functional muscle and as your dog is still young, support healthy body function. Added fats are needed especially in young fit dogs so they don't burn their proteins during exercise.

They need the proteins to build muscle. Muscle Bully Muscle Building Supplement- Given before and after exercise, this supports muscle recovery. Muscles are broken down during exercise, the rebuilding and recovery process is very important as muscle is actually built during this time. If the muscles recover faster from exercise they will build faster and you will start to get the definition you are looking for!

This supplement contains DMG which has been studied for decades and found to not only have muscle building properties but many other health benefits! Your exercise routine sounds good. I like that you have a variety. Different exercises work different muscles groups so variety is always good! Be careful with rigorous jumping as your puppy is still very young.

A puppy's growth plates aren't completely fused until about 12 months and you don't want to cause joint issues down the road. Resistance is key to building muscle. Swimming is great to add resistance but not stress the joints. Even playing or doing laps in a kiddie pool would be great. Shallow water retrieves are good too. Any of these activities need to be done 3-5 days a week for at least 15-30 minutes. You can build on that as your puppy matures!

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Build My Bully #473


This weeks Build My Bully submission we highlight Paola's female bully. She contact us with the following question:  My bully is overweight- currently 76 lbs. I have spoken with her vet and have adjusted the amount of food I am feeding her. 3 cups per day. I currently feed her Zignature Dog Food- Turkey Formula.  We run a mile almost every day- 5x a week. I am looking into buying her a weight sled as well. We also do sprints occasionally.

Reply from Rita:

As far as exercise goes, running and sprints are great for weight loss. You can add a light weight vest to any of those activities to add some resistance in turn building more muscle. Flirt poles and spring poles are good tools for creating drive and building muscle. Swimming is a great exercise that adds resistance without stressing the joints. Switch up your routine often, to work different muscle groups.

Any of these activities need to be done 3-5 days a week for 20-30 minutes. You can increase that as your dog begins to loose weight and build endurance. You can add them to your current routine. Zignature is a really good kibble. If you want to take weight off, decreasing the intake is a good decision.

If your dog is overweight at 3 cups per day, you may want to cut back by a half cup a day. You can add fruits and vegetables as fillers. Sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, strawberries and blueberries are great. Strawberries are real good because they are high in vitamin C, which is needed to make energy for muscle cells. Also, adding coconut or salmon oil can help boost metabolism by providing healthy fats.


Muscle Bully Gains - Given daily, this will help add the essential fats your dog needs to build healthy functional muscle. Adding fats into an active dog's diet is key in weight management. Healthy coat, energy levels, brain and organ functions all depend on essential fats. Lipids also play a huge role in fueling muscle fibers so they can perform longer and work harder.

Don't be afraid of the name the added fats will help your dogs metabolism to help maintain the healthy weight you're looking for. The gains may be exactly what is needed! Muscle Bully Muscle Building Supplement - Given before and after exercise, this will help with muscle recovery and muscle repair after exercise. By removing the lactic acid from the muscles, DMG assists with repairing the muscle fibers that are broken down during workouts. This will help build muscle.

DMG has been studied for decades and found not only to have muscle building properties but also a multitude of other health benefits. DMG also aids in keeping muscles oxygenated which helps build endurance for longer periods of exercise. Vitabully- Given daily. This is a fabulous multivitamin. No diet is perfect canine or human, a multivitamin is always recommended to give your dog what may be missing in their diet.