Skin & Coat Problems On Your Bully? Here Are 5 Simple Fixes.

The skin is the largest organ in any living creature. Thus, it’s largely the open outward reflection of an inside health problem, which can be either mental or physical. With a proper holistic approach, a dog with a skin/coat problem can be restored to perfect health. This will be shown or reflected by the state of the skin and even the fur. There are several ways of fixing skin or coat problems.

Fixing the dog’s diet What the dog eats has a great toll on its overall health. It is of great importance to ensure that your dog’s skin problem is not brought about by its diet. This is because food sensitivities are common in dogs due to genetic make-up or probably because the dog is fed with the same food over and over. To detect whether the cause is the former, that is sensitivities and allergies due to genetic make-up, keenly observe your dog’s reaction to different foods. There may be signs of an itchy skin when it feeds on some foods. This is often a red light to the particular food, and you may have to withdraw this particular diet and substitute it with a more skin friendly diet.

Use of Aloe Vera The gel emitted by the Aloe Vera herb when its cut is a soothing remedy to the dog’s skin problems. This is applied by smoothly rubbing the gel on the skin of the dog. Aloe Vera herb has been scientifically proven as a natural medication since it provides the much needed vitamin E, and thus this works just perfectly on your dog.

Use of Natural Shampoos Use of natural, chemical free and even home-made shampoos has been a helpful remedy in reducing the redness on a dog’s skin. This is because a natural shampoo has a cooling effect which helps soothe the skin. Once you use the shampoo, let it dry on the skin then use green tea to clean the skin. This tea provides tannic acid which works together with the shampoo to provide relief to the skin.

Use of a Calendula herb The liquid mixture obtained by dipping calendula flowers in hot water and allowing it to cool is also a solution to a dog’s coat problems. Applying this mixture on a dog’s coat is known for providing rapid healing of the skin.

Oatmeal bath An oatmeal bath on the skin can be very helpful. Adding rolled oats in hot water and pouring on your dog’s skin once cooled can be helpful in soothing and healing a dog’s skin.

Milk of magnesia This one is very helpful on itchy, irritated or even dry skin. The treatment is carried out by pouring the milk of magnesia on cotton and applying it on the skin.

Baking soda A mixture of baking soda and water applied on an itching skin provides relief. As they say, the dog is man’s best friend. It is your place to keep your best friend in the best possible health condition. For that reason, it is of vital importance to keep the dog from continuous scratching, licking or biting the skin. This is because this can lead to infections and even bleeding.



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