History of Razor Edge Pitbull

Razor Edge Pitbull came into existence since 1980s. They were specially bred for being a bully companion dog, rather than as the traditional Pitbulls. They are not show dogs and they are quite popular pets. They are basically the combination of the American Bullies and the Mastiff of American Bulldogs. Even though their bloodline is from some of the game dogs, they are known to have a lot of mixed blood along the line.

Temperament of Razor Edge Pitbull

These breeds are specially known for their social skills and they are quite adaptable. Unlike the American Pitbull Terriers, they are not a fighting dog or a game dog, rather, they are much more friendly and loyal. These breeds in particular are known to be very playful, peaceful and protected.

Adopting Razor Edge Pitbull

If someone is planning to adopt a Razor Edge Pitbull, it might actually turn out to be one of the best decisions of his life. But, he has to be careful about the breeder from which he is taking the pet. This is because, there are some greedy breeders around, who tend to mix breeds, just to obtain attractive physical traits. If you are not conscious about from whom you are adopting your pet, it can actually lead to undesirable consequences. The greedy breeder might just sell a dog, telling it to be a Razor Edge Pitbull, but, in reality, its temperament might turn out to be nothing near to what the owner might be expecting from it.

One must always remember that there are a few common features in all the Razor Edge Pitbull. For example, they all must have a short, strong and muscular built. They must be loyal and gentle in nature. They are not considered to be pure breed by many of the top kennel clubs, as they are mixed with other bullies. But, people practice this kind of breeding for a particular purpose. But, if people make sure to get them from good breeders, they can easily become the proud owners of these high quality breeds.

Proper training

However, they will require to provide effective training, in order to make them disciplined. These dogs should be trained consistently, so that, their basic behavioral problems can be eliminated. One should plan about a proper training approach for his Razor Edge Pitbull, in order to get familiar with him. The owner will have to be consistent about the process throughout, including the very basic activities. For example, if the dog is taken to the park once a day, the owner has to continue doing that. Again if, the owner uses some particular body language to communicate with him, he has to be consistent about that as well. One needs to be patient while making him understand that how things work out. Like most of the other dogs, he would want to remain in his comfort zone as well. So, if the owner becomes inconsistent, that will lead to behavioral issues.

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They should be taught to become disciplined and the training methods should be flexible and friendly. They should not be punished or scolded very often. One should consider rewarding them with some good food or a pat for their good work, in order to win over their trust.

Razor Edge Pitbulls are loving breeds and they need to be kept protected. Many people have misconceptions about the Pitbulls and thus, they end up hating them. The owners have to keep them protected, specially in the public places, to keep them away from unwanted hatred. The owners should provide them enough love, compassion and respect, in order to nurture their relation with their pets. If these breeds are trained properly, they will soon become the most lovely that one can have.




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