ebkc Bully breeds come from the same root stock called Molosser, which is a breed that basically belongs from the ancient Greece. These Molossers were large dogs, who had large bones and muscles along with pendant ears and short muzzles. The present day bullies are basically the combinations of Molossers and other breeds such as Old English Bulldogs or mastiff breeds. Some of the most common bully breeds in the in Europe are Amerian Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bull Dog, Olde English Bull Dog, etc.

Many of these dogs have the reputation of getting dangerously aggressive, but, they are actually very loving and loyal pets. The European Bully Kennel Club, EBKC is a private dog registry organization, who is known to promote a variety of dog breed in more than fifty European countries. It was founded in 2008 and their main purpose is to promote, show and defend the bully breed. They carry out ethical breeding and aim to work towards improving bully breed’s genetics and traits.

Among the most popular bully breeds raised by EBKC are:

American Bully: The early development of this breed started in the mid 1990’s in the United Sates of America. These breeds are also known as American Bully Pit. They are short, still to touch and have glossy coat. They have a medium sized head with broad skull and pronounced cheek muscles. They are happy, outgoing, stable and confident. They are especially known for their amusing nature and for being an extremely loyal and affectionate family pet. They are very much trainable and capable of performing differ tasks.

American Pit Bull Terrier: It is believed that they belong to the Molossian family of dogs. The ancestors of this breed have come from England and Ireland. They are medium sized and have well-defined muscle structure. They have short and glossy coat, which is stiff to touch. They are known for their strength and enthusiasm. They are great family companions and grow special bond with children.

American Bulldog: They basically belong from the South Eastern part of the USA and most of them came to England with the early settlers back in 1732 to 1736. The breeding of the modern American Bulldog started in 1950s. These are well-built and strong-looking dogs. They are typically social and active dogs. They have an emotional personality and thus they demand a high level of attention. They usually bond very strongly with their owners.

Bulldog: They are usually called the English Bulldog or British Bulldog and are known as the national dog of Great Britain. They have a wide head and broad shoulders. They are generally not aggressive and are known to be courageous and kind. They have friendly and patient nature and are known for being great family pets.

Olde English Bulldogge: They are newly created American dog breed. They were created in an attempt to recreate “Begency Perion Bull Baiter”, which was developed in 1970’s. They are medium-sized dogs with great strength and agile movement. They have a muscular body and prominent shoulders. They are known to be healthier than most other bulldog breeds. They are confident, friendly and are great companions and can be trained to perform a variety of works. They are also known to be highly expressive.

Bull Terrier: In the 1950’s the bull terrier breeds were first developed for meeting the needs of animal based blood sports. Their most recognizable feature is their head, which are “egg-shaped”. Even though he is not always friendly with other kinds of dogs, but, he is known to be kind and loving towards human. But, as they are a little independent and stubborn, they may not be such great option for the new dog owners.

French bulldog: They are considered to the direct descends of the dogs of the Molossians, an ancient Greek tribe. It is believed that their origin is partially connected to Britain as well. They are said to be the descendant of Toy bulldog, which used to be exported to France, where it became popular.

They require close contact with humans. They are called frog dogs as they sit with their hind legs and are also called clown dogs as they are vivacious and loving. They rarely bark and are affectionate with their owners, specially with children.



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