The Best Vitamins for Pit Bulls & American Bullies


Are you looking for a vitamin supplement for pit bulls to give to your dog? A supplement with no added fillers, no side effects and contains natural healthy ingredients that help nourish your dogs body with the proper nutrients and vitamins it needs to live a healthy happy lifestyle.

Let us introduce you to Vita Bully — vitamins for your bully. Vita Bully is catered toward the bull breed community such as pit bulls, American bullies, exotic bullies, pocket bullies and other popular bull breeds.

Sometimes the food your dog eats doesn’t contain all the daily recommended nutrients they need in their bodies. Just as humans do, we use supplements to help supply additional nutrients and vitamins are bodies need.

Vita Bully helps supplement your dog with those nutrients.

Vita Bully contains over 34 nutrients per tablet, almost twice as many nutrients than Bully Max. In addition Vita Bully’s product profile contains more natural ingredients than Bully Max.

If you're looking for the best pitbull vitamin supplement on the market check out Vita Bully today.

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