Pit Bull Exercises That Help Pack On Muscle, Strength & Power!

Having a pit bull means that you need to understand that the structure of the animal requires that it has continuous muscle stimulation in order to stay in shape. A pit bull that lives without physical activity is going to become fat and slow, which is going to have serious effects on the health and vitality of the animal. In this article we are going to give you some pit bull exercises that you can use to train your dog and keep it strong and healthy.

The Treadmill

If you want to be able to warm up your dog in order for the muscles to get warmed up for the heavy workouts, you can always take your dog for a walk, but the treadmill is an even better solution. The reason for this is that you will provide your dog with plenty of exercise and you can increase the intensity in order to train the dog to walk faster and eventually run in the treadmill. So if you have one at home and you have patience, you can teach your dog to use it without any problems.


Drag Weight with Harness

You can purchase a harness for your pit bull and attach tires or weights to it with a rope. Then you can get your dog to run as fast as possible while dragging the weight. This is an excellent exercise for explosiveness, but most importantly you will see that your dogs muscles will have more definition.

Make sure that you learn to identify when your dog is getting too tired to continue. These animals tend to work until their exhaustion makes them faint, but this is not healthy either. Make sure that you stop this drill when your dog is to agitated and the breathing is too shallow.


The Spring Pole

This is the ultimate exercise machine for the jaws and the neck of the pit bull. You will see a lot of amazing results when you use the spring pole and your pit bull will instinctively know how to use the spring pole to get a great workout.

You can build a strong spring pole for you dog with a relatively small investment. You should install the spring pole at a height that your dog can barely reach because this is going to make the animal jump as hard as possible and that is also an important part of the workout.

You should make sure that your dog is also going to have proper nutrition in order to build bigger muscles. If your dog gets a lot of exercise, but the nutrition is barely enough to maintain the current weight and muscle density, you are never going to see any gains.

You have to provide enough nutritional value for the muscles on your dog to grow. Usually this means that you need to use some kind of supplement in order to get the right amount of proteins in order to build stronger muscles.

Allow your dog to rest every other day

The training needs to be one day of high intensity and another of walking slow treadmill warm ups. The reason for this is that the dogs muscles need to rest in order to grow.

The muscle growth is not going to happen if there is constant stress and no resting periods are allowed. Always allow your dog to get plenty of sleep and rest. Also avoid exposing your dog to stressful situations that might cause their performance when exercising to be half as strong.

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i have a 6 mth old blue nose pit and wanna find some ways to get him buff please help;;

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