How "Moose" an American Bulldog Gained 12%+ Of Healthy Muscle.

1.) How old was MOOSE when you started on the products?

Moose was 23 months old when he started the products.

2.) What did your diet consist of before adding the supplements?

It was a mixture of sports mix and raw.

3.) What types of exercise did you do prior to the supplements if any?

He worked the flirt pole and he did the spring pole as well. I also had him doing hill sprints ( uphill fetch )

4.) What types of exercises did you do while on the products?

I have done the exact same exercises but now I'm able to do them at a much higher volume. His working capabilities have doubled. He trains harder and longer. I kept it at 3 days a week.


5.) How much did MOOSE weigh prior to the supplements, and how much did he gain and after how long?

Before the supplements he weighed in between 96-98 lbs. I was disappointed thinking he would NEVER hit 100 lbs lean. After 8 months of supplements he is now 109-111 lbs and much much leaner. The cuts in his muscle are deep and the muscle bellies are thick like a body builders. I couldn't be happier.

6.) Did you see any difference in his skin and coat?

This is actually my favorite part. In the past when I would pet moose he would shed hair by the hand full. I thought he had a condition. I even took him to the vet over it. Now his hair is soft and he sheds SO much less. It makes living with him easier. I love how it has changed his coat.

7.) Did you see any difference in his overall mood?

Well he seems MORE energetic and he thinks he is an alpha male. I think it has to do with carrying less fat. His body is now a machine. He has always been a happy dog though.

8.) Did you see any difference in his muscle, strength, endurance, and recovery?

An extreme difference like I said. I still train 3 days a week I just upped the volume and intensity. He is able to give 110% effort for longer periods. His recovery is so much better I'm moving to 5 days a week training and adding in weight pull this month. What worked him out before no longer works him out.


9.) What surprised you the most after using the products?

The hair issue being resolved with the products. I had no clue that would be a result of taking them. It makes sense now. He was lacking nutrients with his incomplete diet and there for his hair was brittle. Now with a complete diet he is much better off.

10.) Can you give us a closing thoughts or recommendation?

Thank you so much for making me a believer. Before this I would have never believed my dog could benefit from your Supplements. I always thought it was a gimmick. Now I wish he would have started him on them as a puppy. He will never stop taking them. Thank you!

Muscle Bully Products Used:

Mass Gains, Muscle Builder, Vita Bully & Creatine To Purchase Stack of all products he used click here.   Moose is an American Bully dog owned by Coleman R. Savage



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  • What age should they start it?

    What age does it become to much protein, supplements, and such?

  • This dog is yolked up! I want whatever he is on. Lol

    Corey Hyde
  • I’m a proud owner of a 12week female bully pitbull. I just wanted to know when is a good age to start useing these products.

    jimmie clark

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