Owner Spotlight of the Month Eric Hoppman of Precision Cut Pit's

Brief Biography: Ever since getting his first pitbull dog at the age of 13 Eric's grown to love and learn about the bully breed itself on raising, growing and caring for them. At 22 he got his first XL Pitbull but found out the breed style had a lot of health complications from poor breeding that caused him to second guessed on raising one which he then learned on leaning toward UKC Standard style dogs - better health, good looks and muscle.

Eric, Tell Us About Your Dogs: I currently have 4 dogs but these 3 are bully breeds. Rhino - XL American Bully that's 6 years old Gypsy - A cross  American Staff / American Bully that's 3 years old And Halo which is 2 years old, from the sierra gaff bloodline; out of Cali Girl's Adonis; 2012 National Total Dog;  2013 #2 pitbull in the Nation and 2014 National Grand c=Champion. Halo has gained his UKC Grand Champion title as well as his UWP title,(United Weight Puller). He has also had temperament testing done an gain his CGC and TT titles. What does your current workout out plan consist of with your dogs? A lot of walks. I live on 300 acres of land so we can walk a lot. Many of our walks consist of 3-4 hours where they're just running free through the woods in additional to exercising on a spring pole. I love the spring poles. To me they are perfect my dogs because they have lot of energy and they'll go for a long time playing with it working out their entire bodies. In addition to spring poles I do some weight pull training. With our weight pull training we stick with light weights for extreme distances. 20-30 pound weight with a distance of 2-3 miles. The dogs mind has to be trained more then the body does. You can have the strongest dog in the world physical but if it hasn't been trained mentally he won't pull a pound. If Halo has a weigh pull competition coming up, drag training is something we start working on. 1-2 months before a weigh pull competition I train Halo with Drag Training, then he gets 2-3 week break in addition during the whole time Im doing drag training Im also still doing 2-4 hour walks a day plus as much spring pole as they can handle. americanbullypitbullCurrent Nutritional Plan: What do you feed your dogs? I'm currently feeding them Merrick & Orijen dog food. 1 cup in the morning and 1 in the evening. As far as vitamins intake I give them b12, coconut and salmon oil to help boost up their metabolism, body definition and coat. What advice can you give bully breed owners that want to build and pack on muscle such as your dogs? Most importantly it starts with genetics. Then their nutrition. What their intake is. For me when it comes to building good definition on my dogs I credit it to us walking miles upon miles each week. Halo is currently walking around 25 miles a week broken down of course throughout the week. So genetics, then nutrition on what you feed them, then exercise. To me walking is the key to my dog's muscle and definition because they can do it hours upon hours even when they're tired, they'll slow down but still continue. What mistakes do you see many bully breed owners do wrong? They're worried to much about weight. Feeding them satin balls and food just to pack on unnecessary pounds. A lot of owners are just concerned with adding weight. It's extremely easy to make a dog fat and doing so make it hard to see muscle and definition. How can people find you? On Facebook and Like us. Search for Precision Cut Pits or Eric Hoppman on FB.

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