There are companies out there that make the claim that their products are the #1 most selling muscle building products on the market, but how can that be if the products that they are claiming as muscle builders do not contain any proven muscle building ingredients? We currently are the only company for bully breeds that has products that can make the claim “Muscle Building / Muscle Builder​” both On and Off our Labels. How?

Because our state ­of ­the ­art formulas contain ingredients that are approved by NASC and AAFCO as they have been PROVEN to support those claims.

How to recognize a SCAM Bully Supplement Company

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The best way to recognize if you have purchased a scam supplement for your bully is by looking at both the “On & Off Label Claims.” If a product claims to be a muscle builder, add size or MASS then the same claims that are made off the label should match the same claims they are able to make on the actual product label.

When a claim is made off the label that can not be found on the label and you have been mislead this is called False Advertising.​ Here is an example of how to correctly identify a real muscle building formula below: These 2 products clearly state ON the label that they are muscle builders because they have ingredients that support muscle building and have been approved NASC and AAFCO.

How can a company be approved to make a specific claim?

There are a couple of ways that a company can make the actual claim of being a REAL Muscle Building product below:

1.  A manufacturing company must follow either the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) or AAFCO(The Association of American Feed Control Officials) labeling guidelines. The only way to state an on label claim is by incorporating ingredients in the formula that have been proven to support those claims. If a product does not contain any ingredients that have been proven to support those claims the labels will not be approved by either of the regulating bodies and must be edited.

2. A company does not run the products or labels through these safety guidelines and creates their own labels. In this case the supplement is not manufactured in a regulated facility under strict guidelines and you should not use the product as there is no evidence to know what you are actually giving your bully.

Labeling guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety and integrity of the product prior to the purchase by the customer. They also protect the seller from any false claims that will hold them accountable if any dog’s get sick or ill while using the supplement.

How to identify if you have been fooled or taken advantage of by a supplement company.
muscle building pitbull products Here is the #1 ​way to identify if you have scammed or hustled by the company you purchased your product from:

1.) Does your product say “Muscle Builder” or make any Muscle Building claims on the actual product label? If not, then you have not purchased a product that contains any PROVEN ingredients to support that claim. In addition, since we manufacture our products in a NASC facility and use both the NASC & AAFCO labeling guidelines we will evaluate any products or foods that you use for FREE. We have the honor to work closely with both organizations to help ensure the safety of you dog.

Sneaky sales tactics companies use to mislead uneducated dog owners.

Here are some tactics that companies use to take advantage of the uneducated Bully owner below:

1.) Full Label Disclosure or True Label Guarantees​­ This tactic is highly used by scam companies because it states safety and builds trust with the customer. While they may follow the guidelines on the label this doesn’t mean they follow them off the label. It also proves that if their product was a true muscle builder then they would also be able to put it on the label. Trusted manufacturing animal supplement companies follow the NASC & AAFCO guidelines, and will not allow any misleading claims on the labels if a product does not contain ingredients that have been proven to support the claim.

2.) Guaranteed Results in 30 Days ​­ As any educated Bully owner knows the only true way to build muscle on a fully developed dog is through muscle retention exercises. Unless the company offers a Guaranteed “Specific​” Result, then you are pretty much Guaranteed zero or minimal results. Companies use this tactic because of the broad spectrum of possibilities and in most cases they are only truly offering your dog a very low grade product that is cheap to produce.

3.) The 100% Money Back Guarantee​­ This is what we call the Las Vegas tactic as the house (in this case the company) always wins. Consumer Reports research and studies have shown that less than 4% of consumers ever return a product especially ones with a long shelf life. Think about the last time you returned something just shy of 2 or 3 years from when you purchased it, probably never or not often. When you do the math if you only have 4 products returned out of 100 bought and it’s cheap to produce that is a trade off any company is willing to make.

4.) Most Reviewed ​­ While a product may have many reviews in most cases these reviews are often purchased or fake. Be sure that if you purchase a product that there are many reviews of reputable dog owners with in your breed community along with photos of the dog with it’s owners.

Conclusion: ​The only true way a product can make any muscle building claims is that they must contain ingredients that are approved by either the NASC or AAFCO. If you have purchased a product that claims to be a muscle builder off it’s label and you do not see it anywhere on it’s label, then you are not supplementing your dog with an actual Muscle Building product.

To help maintain the integrity of true and honest supplement companies within the industry we will evaluate any product prior to your purchase whether you buy our products or not. Our main goal is the safety and health of all dog’s as we understand that these are members of your family.



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