Ed Shepherds' Daxline Bullies

Dax Line Bullies are those that have been sired from a specific bulldog named, you guessed it, Dax. He is an ABKC Grand Champion and has sired over 700 pups. He weighs 75 pounds and stands at 24 inches tall. He is touted as being both the “ideal extreme pocket American bully” and “the most sought after American Bully in the world”.

His lineage seems to have changed the idea of what people want from an American Bulldog. Dax, himself, is the offspring of two Gotti lines. He is a pretty laid back dog, with his temperament being easy going and absolutely no aggressive behaviour. DaxLine dogs tend to follow in the footsteps of their father’s non-aggressiveness and low energy ways.

Dax’s owner is a man named Ed Shepherd, who lives in the beautiful Southern California. He operates www.daxlineamericanbullies.com and has gained recognition worldwide for his breeding of bulldogs.

His website also states that he is the breeder of the Original Gottyline,which is a little misleading as that was what he originally named his kennel and not necessarily a breed of dogs that he, himself, created. The Dax Line Bullys seems to be his pride and joy, and after a few years of tinkering and inbreeding (which is how we get pure breeds and dogs with specific characteristics), he decided to renamed not only his kennel but also the bloodline after Dax.

This kennel is a member of the American Bully Kennel Club, and holds a high prestige for its pups and their owners. The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) “is the official registry worldwide for the American Bully,” however, they now accommodate not just the American bulldog but Bully breeds of types. They have a strict code of honor that members must abide by.

Their goal is stated as “bring people together” and “to break down negative stereotypes of both the breed and people.” -(theabkcdogs.org) They are open to accepting members and host a number of events that you can attend. 



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