Canine Red Cell for Dogs

Canine Red cell supplement for dogs is promoted by the manufacturer as a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs, fortified with iron and zinc.

This product is manufactured by Limelight Associates LLC, a Texas-based company that sells several products in pet supplies and sports and outdoors departments.

Some of the brands associated with the company include AniMed, Agrilabs, WF Young, Corta-Flx, Farnam and many others. Limelight Associates LLC joins an endless list of sellers on Amazon. 

Canine Red Cell is a supplement is fortified with iron and zinc which keep dogs performing in the show ring, on the track, and on the hunt.

The product claims to boosts the immune system and encourages fast recovery and also claim it's safe for puppies, racing greyhounds, show dogs, field dogs, hunting dogs, old dogs, worn out dogs, pregnant dogs and lactating dogs.

According to the manufacturer, this product is designed to deliver a liquid source of minerals and vitamins for dogs that want to benefit from a nutritional boost. This formula was also designed to meet high performance of racing greyhounds, show dogs, hunting and field dogs, old dogs, and worn-out dogs. It also provides additional nutritional boost for puppies, old dogs, worn-out dogs and puppies.

You can feed your dog with this supplement directly or mix it with your dog’s regular feed. For puppies, the preferred quantity is 1 teaspoon for 10 pounds of body weight. If you want to fee kennel, the right quantity is 4 ounces of this supplement mixed with 10 pounds of food. If your dog is experiencing gestation or lactation, double the amount.

However we have uncovered some precautions when using the product from customers online.

Red Cell Supplements for Dogs are intended for supplemental use only. You need to follow the manufacturer’s feeding dosage and instructions. This product contains selenium as one of the harmful ingredients. You must therefore not feed your dog high amounts of this supplement to avoid possible side effects. This product is designed for dog use only, so do not attempt feeding your household, cattle or other ruminants with it.

This product can be purchased directly from Amazon or a number of retail sites. The price of a 32 oz bottle ranges from $8.49 to $15.99, varying depending on where you order it from.

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