A nutritious diet is essential to your dog at every stage of its life. Proper dog nutrition will add more years to your pet's life and keep it healthy. Most dog owners are often seeking to find out the importance of a nutritious protein diet for their dogs. Depending on the dog's breed and activity level, the benefits of protein for dogs are quite clear.

Proteins are the building blocks for your dog's tissues and body organs. Dogs benefit from a high quality protein dog food, and this helps to develop their strength and endurance. Proteins are a great energy source for your dog's muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

According to the book Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, the average dog requires only 1.7 grams of proteins per 1 kg of body weight on a daily basis. The diet of a puppy should have between 25% and 30% protein for it to develop and grow well. Although your dog may consume plant-made diets, that does not make it a herbivore.

The structure of your dog is similar to that of the carnivores. The dog possesses teeth and a digestive system that is efficient for chewing high-quality proteins.These proteins are essential for the dog's metabolic actions, blood flow and muscle development and recovery. Your dog breaks down amino acids and proteins regularly in its activities.

During the dog's activities, the muscles break down the proteins as a source of their energy. This means that a new source of amino acids and proteins should be introduced to your dog daily.The dogs that are involved in more activities and exercises must be fed with more proteins.

Energetic dogs burn a high rate of calories depending on the duration and intensity of their activities.This makes proteins more beneficial when added to their diet.According to an expert opinion, "Proteins lower the risks of metabolic diseases and raises the overall metabolic actions" cited from the Journal of Nutrition, 2011.


Performance dogs require high energy proteins in their diets. Muscle development and strength is one of the benefits of protein for dogs, especially the agile dogs. Dogs involved in agility exercises need up to 25% protein in their diets. These dogs need high-quality proteins that break down slowly giving them a steady source of energy in their activities.

This is necessary for their endurance, development and strength. A good ratio of dietary protein is crucial for their overall well-being and health.Lack of this protein diet will leave your dog constantly fatigued and always having a poor performance and attitude. I have contacted nutritional specialists and read through tonnes of literature on the benefits of protein for dogs.

It has been proved in all scientific studies that feeding your dog with high-quality protein will enable your dog to thrive. Feeding your dog with a meat-based diet will lower blood sugar levels and support lean body mass in mid-aged and senior dogs. This will keep your dog healthy, lean, and active throughout its older years.

Always be sure to consider the breed, health, age and activity levels of your dog before deciding on its protein requirements. Good-quality proteins are good for your four-legged friend."Dogs are man's best friend" is more than just a saying! Protein for Dogs Supplements for Bullies

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