Bully Performance Dog Food Review

Bully Performance (We Feed Champions is their slogan) is a line of dog food products specially created to meet the nutritional needs of the Bully Breed dogs.

Bully Performance currently has 5 products under their line. Dog Food, Freeze Dried Raw (called Game Changer), Supplements (a 90 chewable tablet called Working Dog System) and Bully Bites ( a freeze dried raw treats) 

While the general composition of the dog food makes it ideal for all high-energy breeds, Bully Performance products are specially favored by Bully owners raising purebreds.

According to the manufacturers of the dog food, Bully Performance is specially formulated to inject the right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals needed by a Bully to grow strong and healthy. Utilizing meal concentrates, the food delivers 300 percent more protein compared to the typical dog food.

Some of the more dominant ingredients included in the product: chicken meal, chicken fat, whole brown rice, dried beet pulp, flax seed, fish meal, and various vitamin supplements.

Bully Performance have also added barley, eggs, and flax seed in their ingredient list. These ingredients are included in very small amounts so that they’ll produce results without causing digestion problems. In fact, studies suggest that both barley and flax seed are high in fiber and help keep a dog regular. No artificial coloring or gluten is added to the mix.

While they cater primarily to the United States market, they are also well known outside the country as a provider of Pet Health products especially for the working breed. With years of experience in the market, Bully Performance is known for formulating several lines of dog food product, each one certified by the proper authorities.

Designed to give a strong boost of energy, help develop muscles, and provide for a quick recovery time, following the top benefits of this product:

1. Energy and muscle - Chicken meal is different from basic chicken meat which contains less protein. Chicken meal is actually a chicken concentrate which means that it contains 300 percent more protein than basic chicken. The increased protein intake allows for more energy to burn during the day while stimulating the build of lean muscles.

2. Improved Digestion – ingredients such as beet pulp, brown rice, and flax seed, are all added in to provide necessary amounts of fiber in the body. The inclusion of these helps make the dog more regular and prevent digestion problems.

3. Better Coat – omega 6 fatty acids and fish meal are two ingredients targeted towards the Bully’s healthier skin. Exposed daily to dirt and grime, these two stimulate the production of oil that promotes a thick, shiny, and healthy coat.

4. Good Teeth - the product is dry, making it ideal for teething purposes. Dry dog food is known for helping maintain a dog’s dental hygiene as well as lasting longer in storage.

As the name suggests, the Bully Performance is specially designed for Pit Bulls. Created to meet the unique requirements of this breed, Bully Performance is ideal for Bully owners who want to maintain the strength, size, and health of their pets. However, Bullies aren’t the only ideal users of this product. Bulldogs, Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s, and other large breeds with energy levels equal to Bullies will also benefit from this product.

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