halo an american xl bully

APBT or American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium sized, short haired and solidly built dog, Dog line of APBT originated from Ireland and England.  American Pit Bull Terrier is under the family or group of Molosser. APBT and American Staffordshire Terrier were bred from similar dog lineage but they received different names as given by two different American kennel clubs.

American Staffordshire Terrier was named by AKC or American Kennel Club while the United Kennel Club or KFC gave name to American Pit Bull Terrier. Compared with AST or American Staffordshire Terrier, APBT has larger body margins with 25–35 pounds (11–16 kg) in weight and 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) in height.

American Pit Bull Terriers dogs were first bred as bait for bears and bulls. They breed American Pit Bull Terriers dogs for dog baiting and rat baiting purposes as well. APBT breed became more popular for sports as well. In relevance, American Pit Bull Terriers dogs being put in pits with rats, the word ‘’Pit’’ became part of its name.

American Pit Bull Terrier existed by breeding Old English Bulldogs and Old English Terriers together to produce a dog that has combined characteristics of bulldogs and terriers. They developed a cross breed dog of bulldog and terriers because they wanted to produce a dog that has strength of bulldog and gameness characteristic of Terriers.

APBT dogs were first bred in England and it arrived in USA when APBT became a direct ancestor of American Pit bull Terrier. In UK, pit bulls were used for bear and bull baiting. However, blood sports involving APBT was eliminated under Animal Welfare Laws. In early 20th century, pit bulls were bred and used or hunting and family companions. As of now, APBT dogs serve as police dogs, therapy dogs and companion dogs.

APBT Breed Specific Legislation

Different countries such as New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Singapore and more enacted forms of APBT breed specific legislation on pit bull dogs such as APBT and more. Under this law, there are outright conditions and restrictions on breeding and ownership of pit bull type dogs such as APBT. In New South Wales, Australia puts breeding restrictions including APBT mandatory sterilization. In few countries in USA and Canadian provinces banned breeding APBT.

Physical Appearance and Attributes of APBT Dogs

American Pit Bull Terrier dogs are medium sized dogs with smooth well defined and short coat muscle structure. APBT dogs have small and medium length ears, almond shaped eyes and half prick carriage. These dogs also have tapers to a point and slightly think tail. It has short, smooth and glossy coat.  Color of its coat may vary. Color patterns of these dogs typically have points, spots and brindled.

As of now, there are still several people who love breeding and owning APBT. Proper care and breeding procedures are necessary to maintain healthy dog line of this breed. APBT dogs are highly recommended to dog lovers who want to have strong physique dog.



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