Blue Wilderness Dog Food: A Detailed Review

Blue wilderness understands that wild based nutrition is the best for your dog flavor-wise to promote appetite and good health. Their dedication to quality is the main reason why their dog food products are the most popular and among the most highly rated on many e-commerce sites.

Blue Wilderness Dog Food Formulation

Blue Wilderness grain free dog food is produced under stringent quality stipulations to ensure your dog eats only the best. The food is formulated and developed by experienced nutrition experts with 100% grain free alternatives which save you the worry of wondering whether your dog is consuming gluten. Different food types are formulated based on: -

1. Life stage of the dog whether puppy, adult or senior dogs.

2. Breed size which has three variations of small, standard and large dogs

3. Special formulas with various options such as grain-free, weight management, limited ingredients, high protein, food sensitive.

Types of Dog Food

Blue wilderness produces a range of dog food products which include: -

· Dry dog food

· Wet dog food

· Dog treats

· Meat rolls

They offer different flavors to give you the opportunity to experiment and discover the flavor your dog loves most. The flavors include bison, lamb, fish, duck, chicken, beef, turkey, trout, venison, salmon, rabbit, red meat, pork, and boar. The flavor variations also ensure that you can inject some change into your dog’s diet to avoid regularly feeding it on the same flavor

Ingredients Used

Ingredients are mostly product specific, but they include deboned chicken, fish meal, bone meal, and turkey meal for protein and other diet essentials; potatoes and sweet potatoes provide energy while carrots and berries provide vital anti-oxidants and vitamins to achieve a balanced formulation. All dog food variations are made with a holistic approach so that your dog consumes a balanced, wholesome meal. No unnatural flavors or artificial preservatives are used.

Blue Wilderness Dog Food Benefits

· A great substitute for raw diets

· Grain free

· Only Natural ingredients used

· No artificial preservatives

· Contains life source bits which boost the immune system increasing your dog’s protection from environmental toxins

· Contains complex carbohydrates sourced from sweet potatoes and potatoes

· High protein content (depending on the option you go for)


You can find different recipes in various weights including 4, 10, 22, or 24-pound bags depending on where you purchase from. Amazon for instance stock 4, 10 and 22-pound bags of the rocky mountain grain free recipe for adult dogs.


Price depends on the poundage you select. Amazon sells the 22lb bag at $47.99 while the price for a 4.5-pound bag roughly costs $19. The price range, therefore, is $19-$48. Some retailers offer bonuses for repeat customers meaning you can easily get a discount.

Blue wilderness deserve the respect accorded to them considering their track record and consistency in producing a variety of high-quality dog feeds for such an extended period. They are among the most established dog food companies, and they entirely manufacture their products in the U.S. 



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