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Sure Grow 100 Review

Sure Grow 100 Review

Sure Grow 100 is a nutritional supplement that is targeted to different breeds of dogs. It features a lot of essential nutrients that help speed up the growth of your young dog.

Manufactured by PetAg, Inc., the Sure Grow 100 is used by a lot of pet owners in the United States. This company has been in the business operation since the year 1986. For more than 30 years now, PetAg has been creating products that have revolutionized the pet care industry. A few of their most popular products are nutritional supplements, milk replacers, household pet management tools as well as grooming equipment. They also have treats available for dogs, cats and even goats.

The Sure Grow 100 is marketed especially for dog owners who have puppies.

According to the product’s manufacturer, the Sure Grow 100 has a growth and development formula that helps build the dog's bones and muscles. Each tablet was created with essential acids, vitamins as well as minerals that will be beneficial to the rapid growth of the puppy. Additionally, the Sure Grow 100 is also designed to meet the nutritional and dietary requirements that pregnant as well as lactating dogs need.

Sure Grow 100 claims to help puppies with:

1. Bone Development

The tablet has been fortified with minerals that aid in the development of bones in the young puppy’s body. Each 2.7 gram of the tablet contains a minimum of calcium and phosphate content of 166 mg and 210 mg, respectively.

2. Strengthening the Immune System

Any dog in its rapid growth period will also need to improve its immune system as it will be the foundation of its body’s fight against sickness later on when it is older. The Sure Grow 100 claims to aid in this regard as it has Vitamin A Acetate as well as Vitamin D3. The tablet also has d-Activated Animal Sterol, which can be a Vitamin D supplement.

3. Aid in Lactation and Pregnancy 

Is your pet dog pregnant for the first time? Then the Sure Grow 100 may be able to help your dog as it claims to be “helpful for pregnant and lactating dogs.”

To make it easier for the tablet to be consumed, the Sure Grow 100 tablets can be either fed free choice or even mixed with food. A few of the ingredients mixed in to make the products also improves its edible taste. The tablet has blood meal, animal liver blend as well as cornstarch.

Other ingredients in the Sure Grow 100 product include monocalcium phosphate, stearic acid, dextrose, silicon dioxide, Vitamin A Acetat, d-Activated Animal Sterol, Zinc as well as brown lake blend.

Those interested customers who want to know more about the benefits of Sure Grow 100 can have additional readings on their website, which is accessible at They also have a Facebook page (

You may also contact the company via call at their customer service line at 800-323-6878 as well as at their technical service line at 800-323-0877.


Canine Red Cell for Dogs

Canine Red Cell for Dogs

Canine Red cell supplement for dogs is promoted by the manufacturer as a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs, fortified with iron and zinc.

This product is manufactured by Limelight Associates LLC, a Texas-based company that sells several products in pet supplies and sports and outdoors departments.

Some of the brands associated with the company include AniMed, Agrilabs, WF Young, Corta-Flx, Farnam and many others. Limelight Associates LLC joins an endless list of sellers on Amazon. 

Canine Red Cell is a supplement is fortified with iron and zinc which keep dogs performing in the show ring, on the track, and on the hunt.

The product claims to boosts the immune system and encourages fast recovery and also claim it's safe for puppies, racing greyhounds, show dogs, field dogs, hunting dogs, old dogs, worn out dogs, pregnant dogs and lactating dogs.

According to the manufacturer, this product is designed to deliver a liquid source of minerals and vitamins for dogs that want to benefit from a nutritional boost. This formula was also designed to meet high performance of racing greyhounds, show dogs, hunting and field dogs, old dogs, and worn-out dogs. It also provides additional nutritional boost for puppies, old dogs, worn-out dogs and puppies.

You can feed your dog with this supplement directly or mix it with your dog’s regular feed. For puppies, the preferred quantity is 1 teaspoon for 10 pounds of body weight. If you want to fee kennel, the right quantity is 4 ounces of this supplement mixed with 10 pounds of food. If your dog is experiencing gestation or lactation, double the amount.

However we have uncovered some precautions when using the product from customers online.

Red Cell Supplements for Dogs are intended for supplemental use only. You need to follow the manufacturer’s feeding dosage and instructions. This product contains selenium as one of the harmful ingredients. You must therefore not feed your dog high amounts of this supplement to avoid possible side effects. This product is designed for dog use only, so do not attempt feeding your household, cattle or other ruminants with it.

This product can be purchased directly from Amazon or a number of retail sites. The price of a 32 oz bottle ranges from $8.49 to $15.99, varying depending on where you order it from.

Bully Performance Dog Food Review

Bully Performance Dog Food Review

Bully Performance (We Feed Champions is their slogan) is a line of dog food products specially created to meet the nutritional needs of the Bully Breed dogs.

Bully Performance currently has 5 products under their line. Dog Food, Freeze Dried Raw (called Game Changer), Supplements (a 90 chewable tablet called Working Dog System) and Bully Bites ( a freeze dried raw treats) 

While the general composition of the dog food makes it ideal for all high-energy breeds, Bully Performance products are specially favored by Bully owners raising purebreds.

According to the manufacturers of the dog food, Bully Performance is specially formulated to inject the right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals needed by a Bully to grow strong and healthy. Utilizing meal concentrates, the food delivers 300 percent more protein compared to the typical dog food.

Some of the more dominant ingredients included in the product: chicken meal, chicken fat, whole brown rice, dried beet pulp, flax seed, fish meal, and various vitamin supplements.

Bully Performance have also added barley, eggs, and flax seed in their ingredient list. These ingredients are included in very small amounts so that they’ll produce results without causing digestion problems. In fact, studies suggest that both barley and flax seed are high in fiber and help keep a dog regular. No artificial coloring or gluten is added to the mix.

While they cater primarily to the United States market, they are also well known outside the country as a provider of Pet Health products especially for the working breed. With years of experience in the market, Bully Performance is known for formulating several lines of dog food product, each one certified by the proper authorities.

Designed to give a strong boost of energy, help develop muscles, and provide for a quick recovery time, following the top benefits of this product:

1. Energy and muscle - Chicken meal is different from basic chicken meat which contains less protein. Chicken meal is actually a chicken concentrate which means that it contains 300 percent more protein than basic chicken. The increased protein intake allows for more energy to burn during the day while stimulating the build of lean muscles.

2. Improved Digestion – ingredients such as beet pulp, brown rice, and flax seed, are all added in to provide necessary amounts of fiber in the body. The inclusion of these helps make the dog more regular and prevent digestion problems.

3. Better Coat – omega 6 fatty acids and fish meal are two ingredients targeted towards the Bully’s healthier skin. Exposed daily to dirt and grime, these two stimulate the production of oil that promotes a thick, shiny, and healthy coat.

4. Good Teeth - the product is dry, making it ideal for teething purposes. Dry dog food is known for helping maintain a dog’s dental hygiene as well as lasting longer in storage.

As the name suggests, the Bully Performance is specially designed for Pit Bulls. Created to meet the unique requirements of this breed, Bully Performance is ideal for Bully owners who want to maintain the strength, size, and health of their pets. However, Bullies aren’t the only ideal users of this product. Bulldogs, Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s, and other large breeds with energy levels equal to Bullies will also benefit from this product.

K9 Super Fuel Review

K9 Super Fuel Review

K9 Super Fuel is an exclusive "dog performance supplement". It features the human grade nutrients and essential minerals that can stimulate muscle gain & fat burning process of your pet! In fact, this supplement with its advanced formula can sharpen the mental focus, extend the overall endurance level, and result in a speed recovery of your dog.

According to this brand, "K9 Super Fuel" features the most advanced muscle building & performance enhancing formula in the history of dog's wellness and health. To know more about this product, please take a quick look at the following sections as this insightful article will cover the essential nitty-gritty of it.

This product has been designed in order to meet the nutritional needs of your dog, along with an incredible performance boosting formula that increases the inherent energy level, promotes speedy recovery and incites the muscle formation. Taking this into consideration, the ingredient list of this supplement has been minutely chosen to effortlessly render the aforementioned benefits.

For your reference, the brief ingredient list is given below (featuring some of the most important ingredients) - Powdered Chicken fat, Chicken, Milk protein isolate, Stabilized Rice bran, Creatine, Agave nectar, Silicon dioxide, Camelina oil, Safflower oil, Coconut oil, Whole egg, Salt, Potassium chloride, Cruciferous vegetable mix, Tart cherry powder, Dried blueberry, Cranberry fruit powder, and much more too.

Here to mention, this product doesn't contain the following elements, such as wheat, gluten, by-products, flax, soy, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.

About the Brand Maker: This supplement has been produced and brought to the market by a globally recognized and reputed brand - K9 Power. This eminent brand has around 25 years of solid experience in this particular sector i.e. "Pet Health Sector". Their passion is to implement dog nutritional supplements that can strongly influence and improve the quality of lifestyle your beloved pet is currently exhibiting. And, "K9 Super Fuel", manufactured by K9 Power is not an exception of their passion!

As mentioned earlier, this product is an advanced performance supplement that will maximize muscle efficiency & endurance. Plus it will promote a healthy recovery time. Its "super octane strength formula" generates an exceptional muscle power with a relatively less fatigue. In this context, the top four benefits as claimed by the brand are described below:

1. Combats Fatigue: This supplement is formulated with some important nutrients that can combat fatigue. Its endurance fuel component power retains the long lasting energy. Furthermore, it effortlessly promotes great endurance with anaerobic exercise.

2. Builds Lean Muscle: This product promotes healthy & lean muscle mass and incites the energy levels. It also boosts the metabolic rate and burns additional body fat. With the simultaneous process of fat loss and muscle gain - it helps your pet to build lean muscles.

3. Jump Starts Recovery: It promotes healthy healing & speedy recovery after workouts. It recharges the muscle glycogen, generates more ATP, reduces the soreness of the dogs' muscle (caused by inflammation & other oxidative damage).

4. Boosts Immunity: This supplement boosts the overall immunity level of your dog. Therefore, with an accelerated immunity level, your pet certainly exhibits a good health, recovery, and performance.

For Whom the Product Is Useful?  Starting from raising immunity to an improved health & speedy recovery - this performance enhancing supplement is suitable for all dogs.

Want To Build Muscle On My Dog But Don't Know Where To Start?

Want To Build Muscle On My Dog But Don't Know Where To Start?

Supplements are an excellent addition to your bully’s diet and can supercharge your training efforts. But, what if you wish to wait before supplementing, prefer to train your dog without them, or haven’t settled on the perfect supplement for you and your dog? Targeted nutrition, balanced exercise, genetics and time play huge rolls in this.

Balanced Exercise

Like us, bully's need a mix of fat-burning and muscle building activities. Balanced activities will ensure your dog builds muscle and becomes lean without suffering joint and tendon injuries or rapid muscle growth that underdeveloped bones cannot efficiently support.

Build Muscle and Trim Fat

Build muscle from nose to tail with muscle building activities designed to engage your dog’s muscles and supercharge their fat-burning potential.

Strengthen and build your dogs chest, neck, forelegs and back with 30 minutes of Springpole activity. Springs poles are a toy or other object attached to a spring-mounted rope, secured in varying distances above the ground.

Your bully jumps to take hold of the toy (engaging its hindlegs) and engages it’s neck, back, core, and chest to maintain its grasp against the increasingly intensifying up-and-down motions of the springpole, powered by gravity and your dog’s weight. These can be purchased or easily made:

Alternate use of the springpole with its spring-less counterpart: the flirtpole. This training device/toy engages hindlegs, back, and core as well as conditioning your bully to pay attention to you in moments of high activity and prey-drive arousal. Flirts poles are—you guessed it—a pole with an attached piece of rope with a toy or lure attached to the end.

Holding the pole you jerk, bounce, and “run” the lure in front of your dog activating it’s desire to chase. As you bully gets the hang of this new activity, entice him or her to jump off the ground to catch the lure, adding in even more muscle building benefits. Like springpoles, flirtpoles can be purchased or made—often for less than $10 dollars.

Both flirt and springpoles encourage jumping. Jumping (over hurdles or for play) is a great way to build endurance, stamina, and increase muscles mass in your bully. Always start off in short time increments and at low heights to gage your bully’s sense of balance and joint strength. Never conduct springpole, jumping, or flirtpole activities on concrete as this could injure your dog—always train on soft dirt or grass.


Like humans, dogs benefit from swimming in many ways: it builds endure and stamina and works the entire body—particularly smaller muscles that can be hard to target. While swimming may not add bulk muscle to your pit, you will see better performance over all and a more balanced physique means fewer injuries and setbacks, leading to quicker gains.

Introduce your bully to water when they’re young if you can. Never force your bully into water (Water training activities are not for every bully—and that’s okay) and take all proper safety precautions (including a lift vest) when taking your dog for a swim.

Like swimming pulling a lightly weighted drag can build lean and bulk muscle from whiskers to wag, but most be done with care to avoid inducing unnecessary stress or joint and tendon injuries.

Also like swimming, not all bully’s take to drags. Observe your bully carefully—wagging tails and a desire to participate (even if they’re not sure what to do at first) should always be present. Stop immediately if your dog shows signs of fear, stress, or detachment. This is the bully equivalent to heavy lifting—just as we need spotters, proper form, and must be careful to warm up muscle before an intense session—so do our bullys. Proceed with care and caution.

Also like us, our dogs cannot “spot reduce” excess fat. Firing up their resting metabolism with muscle-building exercise is key, as is good old fashioned cardio for those extra calories. The gold standard: a long moderately paced walk or a hard run. It’s good for them and you.

Targeted Nutrition

Muscles need protein to repair and grow after a work out—our and theirs. Ensure your dog is receiving a diet of high-quality protein with sufficient calories to give energy for training, minerals for healthy joints, bones, and tendons and protein to see those gains. In particular ensure your dog’s feed has:

1. 1-2 forms of animal-based protein as the first two ingredients (lamb, beef, chicken, fish, or eggs)

2. At least 20% crude protein (in the form of meat meals)

3. Enriched with vitamins and minerals for proper digestion and absorption

Consider supplements to fill in any gaps. (We know, this is about not using supplement, but they fit in nicely here.)


The best bulking, cutting, and obedience plans in the world are worthless if they’re not in sync with your current bully’s age and physical state. Pushing a young dog too soon (some bloodlines may require waiting up to 18 months or more), pushing an older dog too aggressively, or pushing an out of shape adult dog too quickly is harmful, extremely dangerous to your dog, and won’t yield the results you want. Always:

Pay close attention to how your dog responds to his or her workouts—stay alert for signs of injury (favoring paws, a reluctance to move, seeking seclusion). Pushing to hard to reach a goal is not worth a costly set back that can ruin weeks of hard work and discipline (and then some).

Keep your workouts intense, but fun—use the incentives that your dog loves the most. Training should always be positive—not punishment. Space out your bully’s muscle building routines, cardio days, and rest days as you would your own: leave rest time for muscle recovery (24-48 hours), and intermix fat-burning activities with muscle building and/or training.

Our bullys have to start somewhere—their cuts and gains take time and dedication, just like ours. Be patient with yourself and your bully—you’ll both be better (and stronger) for it.